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Josh Albright

Josh was born and raised in the Heart of Dixie. Raised by two missionaries, Josh was forced to eat butter-beans and play "Non-American" sports. He became a Christian at the ripe age of 21 while attending Jacksonville State University. He soon swept his future wife off her feet with his smooth moves and dashing good looks. He and Jamie traveled the world for a couple of years; riding bulls, feeding crocodiles, surfing waves, singing karaoke before they moved to Louisville, KY (the greatest city in the world) for Josh to attend Seminary. Josh's fancy piece of paper that he earned in seminary that says he is super-smart has taken them to Atlanta, Ga, St. Louis, MO and finally Tuscaloosa, AL. Josh and Jamie have two children, Oswyn (4) and Luella (1), both are currently training for the circus. 

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