Student Admission Standards


American Christian Academy seeks to partner with parents in the education of their children, therefore in order to gain admission to American Christian Academy both student and parent/guardian must meet the following standards:




  • Grades and test scores reflect grade level work without special accommodations
  • Our academic program is not funded or staffed to accommodate children with special needs including, but not limited to: student receiving an IEP at current school, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism, or disabling emotional conditions.                                                      


  • Positive interaction with peers
  • No record of bullying (hitting, fighting, biting, spitting, cursing, threatening)
  • Respects and obeys teachers and adults
  • Accepts and responds to authority without arguing
  • No drug or alcohol use
  • No suspensions, expulsions or significant behavior problems at current or previous school
  • No arrest record




  • Is current at present school
  • Pays tuition on time at current school

Parental support

  • Not critical of current school and teachers
  • Have supportive and cooperative relationship with current school officials and teachers
  • Is open to suggestions and correction from the teacher regarding child’s behavior and academics
  • Will be supportive of ACA’s policies and procedures
  • Encourages academic improvement in children
  • Parent can maintain control of their child(ren)
  • Will support Biblical and Christian world view
  • Agrees to enter into a partnership with ACA to instill Christian character and academic excellence