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Boy-Girl Relationships

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American Christian Academy exists in partnership with parents to instill Christian character and academic excellence. Because we hold Christian values as our foundation, it is imperative that as an organization we hold securely to the Biblical standards that we affirm. We believe the Bible to be inerrant and the only basis and authority for the Christian life. There are in today’s world, lifestyles and choices that do not reflect or adhere to Biblical standards, and necessitates our affirming those Biblical standards in our school policies concerning admission and dismissal. Listed below are these policies:

Family Structure:

American Christian Academy holds to the Biblical and traditional definition of marriage as one man and one woman joined under God into the holy state of matrimony. Any family unit that exists outside this structure is considered by the Bible to be in sin and therefore not a family that we could partner with to instill Christian character into the children. ACA reserves the right to deny admission to any non- Biblical family unit. (Genesis 2:24; Proverbs 15-23; 1 Corinthians 7:2-40; 1 Timothy 3:2-4; 1 Timothy 5:14)

Wholesome relationships with the opposite sex are permitted among the students at American Christian Academy, which may result in an individual selecting the husband or wife whom the Lord has prepared for them.  In our current culture, the physical aspects of relationships are emphasized almost exclusively with almost no reference made to the spiritual aspects. The physical nature of the relationships should not be obviously emphasized. Public displays of affection are unacceptable. Lasting commitments must incorporate an appreciation for a spiritual foundation, as well as physical attraction. We want to help prepare our students for marital relationships and homes that have a Godly, spiritual foundation.

Sexual Orientation:

God created men and women with one of the expressed purposes being to reproduce offspring. For men to deny their God given sexuality and seek sexual intimacy with other men is rebellion against God and His design. The same is true of women. Any student or parent who would actively hold to a homosexual lifestyle would be resisting the Christian character we desire to instill as part of our mission. Students actively engaged in a homosexual lifestyle will not be considered for admission. Any current student that openly demonstrates or advocates homosexuality in social media or behavior will be asked to leave the school.  (Genesis 1:27-28; Genesis 19:5; Leviticus 18:22; 1 Kings 14:24; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 5:11; 1 Corinthians 6:9; Jude 7)

For off campus activities, students are not allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite sex.


Prom Policies

Prom is an exciting event at ACA, providing memories for a lifetime.  Prom is held each spring and is an all day event for juniors and seniors, which has an out of town location. Prom is a privilege and not an entitlement. Students who choose to participate in prom must abide by all the rules as given in pre-prom instruction packet including standards of dress. Students who cannot follow all instructions are asked not to attend the prom. Students who have received 10 or more demerits in the semester are disqualified from attending the prom. Students’ guests must be 10th grade or older to attend the prom.