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Christian Principles And Athletic Competitions

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Everyone loves to win, wants to be on the winning team, and wants to attend a school that has a winning record. A.C.A. has been blessed in the athletic arena with teams that have played in and won state championships. We appreciate the hard work of all who have helped us build a successful athletic program.

Numerous Christian principles are illustrated in athletic competition. We expect our students to incorporate the following principles into their athletic activities.

  1. Be prepared. This means practice, practice, practice, …
  2. Do your very best in competition.
  3. Put the teams’ interest above your own. If another player is in a better position to score, pass the ball to him/her.
  4. Referees and umpires are designated figures of authority that God expects us to respect. However, referees and umpires are human and will make mistakes, but in a Christian school there is no place for “booing” or sarcastic calls and remarks from players or spectators.
  5. Because student athletes are frequently viewed as student body leaders, they must accept the responsibilities that accompany their position. Student athletes are expected to exhibit Christian behavior and principles, both on and off the playing field, as well as in the classroom. Students who receive 10 or more demerits in a semester are prohibited from participation on any athletic team for that semester. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to inform his or her coach concerning his or her demerit status.


In a Christian school, all victories do not appear on the scoreboard. A scoreboard loss can be turned into a spiritual victory if the team discovers its weaknesses and strives to correct its mistakes.

Students ejected from competition will be responsible for the monetary fine and will receive school discipline as well.