Summer Day Camp 2019

Hours of Operation:  7:00 am – 5:30 pm.
            Children may be dropped off in school gym each morning as early as 7:00 am and must be picked up no later than 5:30 pm each afternoon.  Late fees will be charged for children being picked up after 5:30 at a rate of $6.00 for every 15 minute increment past 5:30 pm. A message will be posted by the front office of where each age group is located.

            You will be responsible for providing your child’s morning snack/breakfast/drink, lunch/drink, and afternoon snack/drink each day.  The lunchroom is not open during the summer; therefore, there will not be any food or drinks available for purchasing unless the option to buy lunch in on the calendar. Make sure to send all utensils and condiments necessary for their lunch and snacks. Microwaves are available here at the school but if we should be off campus for lunch, please do not send items that require heating, or cans that need a can opener.

Field Trips:
            We will have several field trips scheduled over the summer. Everyone attends all field trips. Some of our trips are divided by age group so please make a note of the calendar if it doesn’t list an age group then that means all ages are attending. Your child will be required to wear his/her field trip t-shirt each time we have a trip scheduled with the exception of swimming. These shirts are the ones you purchased when you registered for summer camp. They will be available for pick up the first day of summer camp, Wednesday May 30th. 

Dress Code:
                 Campers are allowed to wear t-shirts and shorts (proper coverage). I encourage them to wear tennis shoes since we will play outside daily and in the gym. Hats are a good idea and sunglasses but remind your child they are responsible for their belongings!!!!                                                      

            There is a $40 registration fee per child for the summer day camp program.  Purchase of at least one t-shirt per child at $18 each is required.  Tuition rate is $20 per day and Payment is due in full each Friday.  There will be weekly field trips where you will be responsible to pay additional fees along with the daily rate. We will go swimming once  a week and the cost of this is included in your daily tuition.  
Rest Time:
            Those children who will be entering K5 and 1st grade will have a rest in the afternoon.  Please be sure that you bring their nap mat. Your child will have a locker to store them so you don’t need to take them home every day.

          The rules and standards that are instilled during the school year remain implemented during summer. If a rule is broken your child will come home with a disciplinary form for you to sign. This is an important form of communication since the teachers your child may have in the morning will not be the same as the afternoon. If it requires a phone call or further action you will be notified by the Director. The behavior expected by each child provides a safe and positive environment for all campers. I anticipate a Great Summer!!!                                                 

Personal Items:
            Children may bring their ipods,ipads, personal game devices, such as DS , Barbie’s, balls, etc. to play with during the day. CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED! Please be aware that ACA does not provide Wifi so if your child needs internet to play games on their device that will need to be provided by your cell service.
We will NOT be responsible for keeping up with these items for your children. Please label all belongings.