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The Bible clearly indicates that parents are responsible for the training and instruction of their children. The Christian school exists to assist parents in their God-given responsibilities. In formulating a philosophy of education and discipline, the school has attempted to align itself as closely as possible with the Bible's instructions to parents so as to provide the utmost consistency for the child between training to be taught at home and at school. In that same spirit, the school likewise assumes parents will direct and discipline their children accordingly. If parents have chosen to follow a different course in directing and disciplining their children, then parents and students should realize that American Christian Academy may not be the choice in education that suits their needs. God expects parents or other authorities to teach children to become more self-disciplined and require less supervision as they mature. American Christian Academy's philosophy of education exists to serve and further this ultimate spiritual goal.

During school hours and at other school-related and school-supervised functions, students are to respond to school faculty and supervisory staff members with the same obedience, in action and respectfulness, and in the same spirit that should be present under Biblical standards when they respond to their parents or guardian.