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American Christian Academy admits students without regard to their race, color, religion, or national origin. However, academics are taught from a Christian world view and students whose previous religious beliefs, actions, or speech which could be detrimental to the atmosphere or function of the school will be denied admission. Students attending American Christian Academy are expected to be obedient to and respect authority.

In general, students who have been expelled or asked to leave other schools because of poor disciplinary records will not be admitted to American Christian Academy. Such students must wait at least one year and compile a good disciplinary record before their application will be considered.  Entering students will also be asked to take an entrance exam which will help us determine whether or not ACA will be able to meet the needs of the student. 

All students admitted to American Christian Academy are placed under both academic and disciplinary probation for a period of one semester. Students who fail to maintain academic and/or disciplinary standards will be asked to leave American Christian Academy at the end of the probation period or earlier if deemed necessary by the faculty and/or Headmaster. Even after the initial probationary period has expired, students may be asked to leave ACA if their behavior is disruptive or detrimental to our environment.

In general, it is desired that students admitted to American Christian Academy possess the following characteristics:

1.   A respect for God's Word,        

2.   An attitude of submission and respect for those in authority,

3.   A teachable spirit,

4.   An ability to admit and accept responsibility for wrongs committed

5.   Courteous and polite behavior,

6.   A record of good behavior from their previous school,

7.   A desire to be taught in a manner that acknowledges the Lordship of Christ over creation, and

8.    Not reported to engage in bullying

9.   A well rounded interest in activities beyond the classroom.

Students who thrive in this kind of environment will do well at ACA.  Others are encouraged to choose another school of enrollment.

Students who wish to enroll in American Christian Academy should request an admissions packet from our Director of Admissions. New students or students who did not attend the previous semester are required to submit the following information:

1.   Application

2.   Teacher Recommendation K4-12th

3.   Parent Interview Form

4.   Entrance Exam (entering 3rd - 12th grades)

5.   Interview – grades 7-12

6.   Certification of immunization, birth certificate, and Social Security number.       

7.    Standardized test scores and transcripts

8.    School discipline report

9.   Medical Information Form

10. Release of financial information form if they have previously attended a private daycare or school

All the above information must be on file before a student can begin school. When all are received, the Director of Admissions reviews this information and determines the student's eligibility. If there are questions about eligibility, she convenes a meeting of the Admissions Committee for a final decision.



The vision of ACA to partner with parents has enlarged to include home-school students and families. Those interested must complete an application and go through the approval process. Students who complete their entire high school course of study through home-school will be awarded a Home-School diploma. For information concerning tuition please see the financial office.



When students and parents realize that they are leaving A.C.A., they should follow these outlined procedures:

1.   See the registrar for withdrawal papers

2.   Get financial clearance from the business office

3.   Leave forwarding addresses for residences and future schools with the school secretary.