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Book Levels & Points

If you are interested in finding out how many AR points a book is worth, you may visit the website or click on the link below. 



Books without AR Tests

When a book does not have an AR test, you must get approval from Mrs. Sprayberry before reading it to receive a written test when you complete the book. Depending on the amount of information written, the content, and the quality of the information, will depend on how many points are rewarded. Some written tests require an additional oral test.

Double Point Books

Beginning in the 6th grade, students may earn double the amount of points on AR tests for missionary books. These books are strictly about a missionary and the work they did for the Kingdom. This does not include books that are known as a “Christian book”. Some great series to choose from are The Christian Heroes Series by Geoff and Janet Benge and The Trailblazer Series. These seem to be a popular choice for the students. We have some available at the ACA Library, but not near as many as we would like. If you purchase a missionary book for your child to read, we would love to have it as a donation for the library when they are finished.

After completing an AR test on a missionary book, they should fill out the ‘Double Points Form’ located in the green basket by the computer. These extra points must be manually added into the system. Without a form, then the points will not be added. Please keep in mind, not all missionary books are on the AR system and may require a written test.
Books of the Bible are also doubled. Almost all the books of the Bible are offered as AR tests on the AR program. Again, the student must fill out a form to be awarded these points. In order to look up the AR test for a book of the bible they should type in for example: Genesis NIV

Note: These double points can only be viewed on FACTS after being updated over the weekend.