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August 2014


Dear Students,

It is my privilege to welcome students back to ACA for the start of another school year.  Each year brings both challenges and rewards.  As we work together I expect to see rewarding academic careers unfold with major scholarships awarded to those who have applied themselves.  If you are a younger student, remember that you are laying a foundation for your future and once this year is over you cannot go back and change things.  However our major purpose is spiritual in nature and that goal is to help you become more like the Lord Jesus while you achieve academic excellence.  By working together over the years we have seen some pretty good results.

The opportunities for your growth are all around you at ACA.  While you are pursuing excellence you can have a great time as well.  Our class trips provide educational opportunities as well as the chance to make memories that will last a life time.  Our activities like Homecoming and Prom are done in such a way that friendships are strengthened while you are having a blast.  We want you to have a wonderful experience in our school.

My job is to help you reach your potential.  I do everything in my power to find the best teachers and give you the best choices for your classes.  I research the best places to go on our trips.  I and will work tirelessly to help you discover what God is doing in your life.

My door is always open.  I am here to help.  Feel free to come and see me with suggestions or ask me any question.  I look forward to another year with you.


Dr. Dan Carden