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Appropriate student behavior aids in producing an environment that is conducive to learning. To maximize their learning potential, students should report to class before the tardy bell rings. They should be prepared, having pencil or pen, notebook with paper, their textbook, and completed homework assignments. They should enter the classroom quietly and should listen attentively as the teacher explains the day's activities. When parents enroll their student(s) in American Christian Academy they are choosing for their child/children a higher standard of conduct and performance. Parents and students must accept the responsibility of upholding these high standards while at school and also in non-school activities. Regardless of the type of activity or location, our students are representatives of a Christian school, and even more, of the Lord Jesus Christ. Depending on the significance of any misconduct and its impact on the Christian environment of the school, students engaging in the misconduct will be in jeopardy of expulsion. Most children require instruction and discipline as they grow toward maturity and self-regulation. The demerit system has been developed as a means to help children become aware of behaviors that are unacceptable. Excessive accumulation of demerits serves as a means to help the administration identify students whose conduct seems resistant to correction and could, therefore, cause the student to be dismissed from American Academy.


ACA reserves the right to search individual students and their possessions, including lockers, backpacks, and electronics, for items which are dangerous or violate other policies addressed in this agenda.


Student Visitors

Students from other schools may visit during lunch with advanced permission from the Administration. While on campus student visitors will be expected to dress appropriately and comply with rules of conduct. Any visiting student may be asked to leave the campus at the discretion of the Administration. Only students applying for admission will be allowed to attend classes. All visitors should follow new security check-in procedures and obtain a visitor tag from the office. Student visitors may be denied the privilege a school visit based on how they are dressed.


Chewing Gum

Students are permitted to chew gum at school. However, each teacher will set the standard for his or her own class room. This means that some teachers may permit gum chewing in their class room while others may not. Students will have to take the responsibility to discard the gum appropriately (wrapping chewed gum in paper and placing in a trash can) upon entering a “no-gum” classroom or when finished with it. If we begin to have a problem with gum discarded inappropriately we will be forced to go back to the school wide ban on gum chewing.    

Candy/ Food

Candy, or other food items, except for breath mints are not permitted in the classrooms of American Christian Academy. However, bottled water or other bottled drinks with tops may be brought to class. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the administration.


 Guidelines for the Gym

1.   Tennis shoes should be worn when using the gym. If you are using other types of shoes, please walk near the edges of the playing floor in order to preserve the floor's surface.

2.   Food and beverages should be kept in the cafeteria and not brought into the gym during the school day.

3.   Students may play in the gym only when there is an official practice or supervised activity.  THIS INCLUDES BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL.  STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE DEMERITS WHEN IN THE GYM IN NON-SUPERVISED ACTIVITIES.