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If you are injured at any time during the school day or at any school-sponsored event, use the following procedure:

1.   Report the accident to the nearest teacher or staff member.

2.   The teacher will advise the school office of the injury. Someone from the office will accompany you to the nearest hospital or doctor if deemed necessary.

3.   An accident report will be filled out and the parents will be notified


Care of Books

Books found out of student lockers will be turned in to the office and can be redeemed for $1.00. If the books are not redeemed within one week, the book will be turned back in to the book room to be resold.

If a student loses a book, he should check with the front office to see if it has been turned in. If the book is not located, the student must purchase another book. Students are given one demerit for coming to class without book.

During the school day because of safety issues back packs may not be left in the main downstairs hallway. That hallway is the primary evacuation route in emergencies. It is also the “safe area” in inclement weather. Students that leave pack packs in the main downstairs hallway will be issued a demerit.

Students are to take their back packs home each night. Those left at school in the hall, in bathrooms, or in the gym may be taken up and must be retrieved from the front office. A demerit will be issued.


Care of Furniture, Fixtures, Facilities, and Grounds

Students of American Christian Academy are expected to share the responsibility of caring for and preserving the schools' furniture, fixtures, facilities, and grounds. As a private organization on a very limited budget, A.C.A. cannot allow students to destroy desks, deface walls, etc. Students who choose to destroy the property of the school or of other students will be given demerits and required to pay for the items destroyed or defaced.

Students who attend A.C.A. are also expected to share in keeping the cafeteria, restrooms, gym, classrooms, and outside grounds litter-free.


Library Procedures

The purpose of the school library service is to widen, deepen, and intensify learning. The library contains a collection of instructional materials, including audio-visual and reference materials, selected to meet curricular and recreational needs of students and teachers.

Guidelines for use of the library will be handed out at the beginning of each year. If there are questions, see the librarian.

All library books must be turned in by the end of the school year. Library fees will be assessed for late books



As a courtesy, each student is assigned a locker. The locker is school property and must be cared for as such. The following guidelines are to be followed in order to retain the privilege of using a locker.

1.   Locker(s) will be assigned to each student. Each student is responsible for the locker assigned to them. Please do not change lockers.

2.   All personal belongings that are not being carried by the student should be placed in their locker. All unattended  items found outside the lockers will be removed.

3.   Lockers are not to be defaced (inside or outside) and are to be kept clean. Permanent decals, stickers, pictures, etc. are not to be put on or in lockers. Anything placed on the outside of the locker must be approved.

4.   Students caught opening lockers that belong to others or communicating combinations of locks to other students will be subject to disciplinary measures.

5.   Make sure your locker (including gym locker) is securely locked at all times with a personal lock. A student may choose not to put a lock on his/her locker; however, the school cannot be responsible for the contents.

6.   Students are encouraged to take care of their lockers because they will be held financially responsible for any damages.

7. Students must clean out their lockers before they leave on the       last day of school. Contents left in lockers become the property     of the school and will be disposed of in whatever manner seems     appropriate.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located right outside the Girl’s the cafeteria. Lost clothing or other personal items will be held for a period of time and donated  if not claimed.


Traffic Flow

Because our school enrollment has increased significantly in recent years, we are having to monitor traffic flow and parking areas. By following the guidelines given below, you will help minimize problems we have experienced.

1.   When dropping off children at the front of the school, ask them to be ready to get out as soon as you stop.

2.   Do not block traffic in the drop-off areas by parking and leaving your car. If you must enter the building, park away from the drop-off lanes or in the front parking lot.

3.   Mothers who carry babies to daycare should keep an umbrella in their car since they cannot park in the drop-off lanes - even in rainy weather.

After your child gets out of your car, do not drive forward until you know he/she has moved away from your car.

Students are not allowed to move cars to the field house or baseball after school because of traffic congestion


Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers have the same authority as regular members of the faculty and should be accorded the same respect given to a regular teacher. They are to make assignments, award grades, indicate their judgment of each student's success in completing assignments, and carry out proper classroom discipline. Substitute teachers may fill out demerit forms and the classroom teacher will turn them in. It is understandable that substitute teachers face an out-of-the-ordinary situation in taking up the responsibility of class work on relatively short notice. It is also difficult for the visiting teacher to have the responsibility of students with whom they have not had the opportunity to become acquainted. Students are to display good school citizenship in receiving these visiting teachers in their classroom as they would in receiving guests in their homes.