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The closing of school due to inclement weather will be announced as soon as possible. Sometimes the announcement can be made the evening before the closing of school, but most days the announcement cannot be made until the morning of the closing of school. We will put pertinent information on our WEBSITE whenever we have school closings or know of events that would cause you to leave school or come in late for school opening. When school is closed for inclement weather, all events for that day, including practices or evening activities, will be canceled.  You will receive notification of dismissal by text messages and emails. The following stations will officially report the closing of American Christian Academy:


Television stations                             Radio Stations

WVUA, Channel 7                               WACT 105.5 FM

ABC 33/40                                            WTXT 98.1 FM

FOX 6                                                    WTBC1230

NBC 13