Pre-AP and AP Art Summer Assignments

Dear Art Students:
My name is Becca Godfrey, and I’m the High School Art Teacher at ACA. I’m so glad you’ll be joining me in the upcoming school year. I’m looking forward to an amazing class.
I hope you are enjoying your summer break! It’s going by quickly, so I wanted to check in and say hello and give you your summer assignments. Yes, you have pre-course work, but you have plenty of time to get it done. And I promise you what I promised my students last year: I won’t waste your time. Every assignment has a purpose.
So here’s your summer work. These are graded assignments:
  1. Review prior portfolio submissions for 2-D design at Choose a portfolio with a high score (5-6). In your sketchbook, make notes about the successful portfolio. Don’t just write about what media was used or the subject matter. Try to figure out WHY the portfolio was successful. Don’t just say things like, “It’s really good.” Because that’s not something you can duplicate; it’s too vague. But “the student picked a subject matter that was ordinary, but added a new and unique perspective,” is something you can use to help you develop your own portfolio. We’ll have class discussion about your findings, so put some genuine thought into it.
  1. Pick TWO of the three artwork choices below. These will be on 9x12” or larger paper or canvas, with your choice of media (paint, color pencils, pen & ink, graphite, mixed media, etc). Each needs to be a finished work of art, no rough sketches. Activate the page (meaning be intentional with the whole canvas/paper; fill it up!)
OPTION 1: Create an original artwork depicting something that is OPPOSITE of reality. An example would be a dog walking a person or an upside-down room, a pickle full of jars. Really come up with something unique.
OPTION 2: On 9x12” or larger paper or canvas, your choice of media, create an original artwork depicting your self-portrait as viewed in a reflective object. For example, yourself reflected in a chrome bumper, a window, a vase, or a spoon, etc.
OPTION 3: On 9x12” or larger paper or canvas, your choice of media, create an original artwork of your hands holding an object that is funny, odd, or just not something you usually see someone holding. For example: Hands or a hand holding a lobster, covered in ants, a tornado, the moon, etc.
Bring your 2 finished artworks and your sketchbook to our first class period.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys better. From what I’ve seen, you are amazingly creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your summer works.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off of me: I’m praying for you guys that you’ll have an amazing year next year.
-Becca Godfrey
ACA Art Instructor
PS. Your syllabus and supply list will post the first week in August, so I’ll check in again before the school year starts.