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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience.  It is always difficult during the first couple of weeks as people find the optimal time to pick up their children.  Everyone has been very kind, and we appreciate your Christ-like attitudes.

In order to facilitate our traffic flow in afternoon pick-up lines, we are asking for your help.  Our overall goal is to prevent the cross over of high school and elementary traffic that occurs in front of the school.  Please adhere to the following traffic flow starting August 23, 2021.

We are asking that Elementary parents drive down 15th Street, turn into Claymont subdivision at the light.   Then, take first left onto 14th Street, and left into ACA at the football field.  You will exit onto 15th Street.

Those picking up high school students will turn onto 14th Street from Kicker Road,  turning right into ACA near the gym.  You will make a loop and exit left out of ACA, headed back toward Kicker Road.

Those who have children in both Elementary and High School should wait until 3:15 or later and pick up in the Elementary line.  (See map attached.)

Thank you for the privilege of working with your children. 

Janie Carden, Facilitator