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Elementary music

K-5 General music is a performance-based class in which students will experience music through creating, performing, responding, and connecting to music, with a sequential curriculum based on the Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk methods.  Students will learn about the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre (tone color), form, dynamics, tempo, meter, and texture as well as other age-appropriate skills.  Music activities include many opportunities for students to sing, play instruments, move to music, listen and analyze, learn musical notation, create and perform.  Through these studies, students will build on their music literacy skills and learn the basics of musical performance, creation, analysis and application, as well as music’s historical, cultural, and social contexts.

Bucket Drumming class performing at the Spring Concert

Our goal in this course is for students to understand musical concepts while developing a life-long appreciation for music.  Music allows for expression, adds quality to life, and promotes mental, social, and physical development.  Music enhances reasoning skills, inspires creativity, encourages critical thinking, self-discipline, problem-solving, decision-making, cooperation, and imagination.  Our hope is that students will learn to love music at an early age and choose to continue their music education through middle school, high school, and beyond!

Second grade music classes singing for Veteran's Day

Take a look inside our classroom...


Rhythm Stick fun!


Sharing the love of music!


Movement & Music!