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instrumental music

The instrumental music program at American Christian Academy is designed to give our students an enriching and diverse instrumental music education.  We want to be able to offer as many opportunities as possible to allow our students to further their learning, to enjoy what they are doing, to use their gifts to glorify God, and to cultivate those gifts to the best of their ability to bring honor to the Lord's name.  The objective of the course offerings is to foster and promote musical growth through the playing of an instrument by the student.  Band is a skilled effort in which each student is expected to show technical and musical growth throughout their involvement.  Our instrumental programs generally align with, and follow, the National Association for Music Education and the Alabama Course of Study Fine Arts Content Standards.  Education goals for our students include progressing from a Level I to a Level IV musician.

Our formal instrumental program is offered starting in the elementary school with the 5th Beginning Band continuing on into the 6th-7th grade Intermediate Band.  Performance opportunities during these years may include Christmas and Spring concerts, but are limited as emphasis is placed on establishing a sound foundation while patiently instilling the fundamental characteristics of tone production...Posture, Breathing, Embouchure, Hearing, Attack, Sustain, and Release.

Membership in the 8th through 12th grades includes two seasons, marching band and symphonic band.  The Patriot Marching Band provides spirit leadership in the stands and half-time entertainment at all home varsity football games, performs in various parades, and performs at local marching band/drum line/color guard festivals.  The ACA Symphonic Band performs at home concerts, state Music Performance Assessment, and provides other opportunities to students such as All-State band, honor bands, solo development, and chamber music ensemble participation.  In band, students have the opportunity to develop marching skills, improve personal playing skills, build group playing skills, participate in leadership opportunities, and develop a strong sense of group effort among members.  The program also consists of the ACA Royal Bluezz jazz band, the ACA Praise Band, a Music Theory class, and the opportunity for students to earn honors credit as part of the Honors Band program.


"Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy!"  Psalm 33:3


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