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553-5963, ext 17


Breakfast – will be served on a daily basis from 7:30 – 8:00.  This will include, meat biscuits, cereal, cinnamon rolls, Pop-Tarts, etc. 

Lunch – is served every full day of school.  There is a tray lunch or salad or sandwich box.  Lunches are $4.00 a day and include one of the following:  fountain drink, cup of water, small bottle of water or milk.  The only drink allowed for K-4 thru 3rd grade will be milk, unless your child has a milk allergy.  If they do have milk allergies or dairy intolerance please notify to lunchroom in writing.  Elementary who bring lunch from home or who have purchased a lunch may purchase an additional entrée or other parts of the meal if there is adequate supply.  Elementary children who do not bring their lunch are not allowed to buy just part of a meal for their lunch.

Debit System – Each child has a lunchroom DEBIT account.  This is a family account and covers all children.  The balance reflected is for the entire family.  Your FACTS statement shows what each child is purchasing.  If you do not wish your child to have an account you need to contact Sherry Ballard in Accounting.  Once your child’s account is closed they must have cash in order to buy anything.  For those with an account, this is a debit system; your child should have a positive balance in order to make purchases.  When the account is low, a note will be sent home with your elementary child and high school kids will be told that they need money.  You may check your account on FACTS at any time or feel free to call us at the above number.  Please make sure that your child has money in their account as charging privileges may be suspended if the account becomes seriously past due.  Please remember this is a DEBIT ACCOUNT not a CHARGE ACCOUNT.  Much like your checking account, you do not get to continue to charge without payment.

Payments – Payments may be made in the form of cash, check or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to ACA.  Your child’s name should be on the check in the memo section.  Cash should be sealed in an envelope with the child’s name on the outside.  Credit card charges must be made through Sherry Ballard at ext. 16.  Credit Card payments can’t be made in the lunchroom.  Payments can be taken into the office, lunchroom or sent to your child’s teacher.  We need separate checks for lunch accounts and children may not withdraw money out of their lunch accounts.

Statements – will be available on FACTS and will be emailed on a regular basis.

Menus – will be available on FACTS and are posted in the lunchroom.