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high school courses offered

Each year, students will be involved in a Bible class! Our classes are enriching environments that foster intentional spiritual conversations and teach solid biblical doctrine. Depending on the year, students will learn truths from the Old and New Testaments. Our senior Bible class shakes things up by switching teachers throughout the year, covering faith building truths before sending our seniors out into the world! We desire for our students to make their faith their own and build confident followers of Christ who are able to defend their beliefs and grow in their own spiritual walk with the Lord.


High school English courses provide a survey of world, American, and British literature.  Students are taught how to apply a Biblical worldview to read and analyze various genres of literature.  English curriculum primarily focuses on advanced writing and grammar skills, literary analysis and synthesis, the research process, enriched vocabulary acquisition, and communication skills via public speaking and technology.  Courses adhere to the Alabama Course of Study for English Language Arts and provide preparation for scholastic aptitude tests and post-secondary endeavors.


The ACA Social Studies department follows the state course of study as well as ACSI standards for each grade level. Our grading system at ACA allows for a more in-depth understanding of historical events, real life application, and hands-on experience through projects, writing, and traditional assessments. Our curriculum ranges from Ancient World History, Cultural Geography, US History, Government, and Economics with AP and dual options for high school courses. Our goals for students are to have the tools needed to be successful in the current world while understanding God's work throughout history. 


ACA's math department offers students a variety of options for students to complete high school and prepare for college. Courses include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 3, and Calculus. Many of these courses are offered at an Honors level. Students may also take dual credit math courses through Shelton State.


The High school Science Department offers the following courses:  Biology or Honors Biology, Anatomy or Honors Anatomy, Chemistry or Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Marine Biology, or Environmental Science as well as AP Computer Science Principles. These laboratory-based courses emphasize critical thinking skills and application to real world problems, advancing STEM in our curriculum.


There is a wide selection of electives from which students can choose to take. Elective options: Strength and Conditioning, Art, Band, Sports, Career Prep, Choir, AP Computer Science, Psychology, Public Speaking, Honors French, Home Ec, Boys Lifeskills, Medical Careers, Media Production, Study Skills, Yearbook, Honors Spanish, and Teacher's Assistant. ACA teachers love the opportunity to teach beyond the core classes and focus in on specific areas of interest for our students to learn about!