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Counselor's Corner

Ashley Tunnell is our MS/HS School Guidance Counselor. She has taught Elementary, Middle, and High School here at ACA for the past 13 years. She looks forward to working with our students, parents, and teachers in this new role.  Her and her husband, William, have been married 24 years and have 5 children: Colton, Tanner, Olivia, Ryleigh, and Lane. In her role as the School Guidance counselor, she will assist you all in the following ways:    

College Support

College support includes college applications, transcript requests, counseling toward college and career decisions, college entrance exam registration, job fairs, and college coaching which begins in the 9th grade. Mrs. Tunnell will be available for support in each of these areas with the goal of helping your child achieve his or her goals in higher education.

Academic Support 

When a student struggles academically, Mrs. Tunnell will work with them through tutoring opportunities, course selection, and teacher/student mediation. She will partner with parents to navigate the best route for each student that is in need of academic support.

Emotional Support

Mrs. Tunnell cares about your student’s emotional and mental health.  To that end, she is available to help them know how to navigate transitions, tough times, and even trauma.  We also have additional resource recommendations and partner professionals who can assist your child beyond our capabilities, when necessary.  

Spiritual Support

Christ is the center of our ministry here at ACA and that vein runs throughout all that we do.  Mrs. Tunnell is committed to using God’s word, prayer, and Christ-centered guidance to your child in all aspects of their life.