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3rd Grade

Third grade at ACA is an exciting place!  As the students move upstairs, they transition from more emphasis on “learning to read’ to “reading to learn”.  In reading, we have a variety of texts we use to review phonetic skills as well as working on comprehension and literacy skills.  In language, we teach all parts of speech and have the children apply them in a variety of ways including writing different types of paragraphs.   Math focuses on computation skills including multiplication and division, as well as place value, geometry, fractions and more.  We have a strong science and history curriculum.  History covers from the first explorers of the New World through the Civil War.  

Some of the student’s favorite science topics are weather and the Solar System.  We use a variety of projects and experiments to bring  science and history to life.  All subjects are integrated with Biblical truths and are especially emphasized in our Bible lessons as we start with the birth of Christ and focus on the New Testament.  In third grade the students take a written test on each Bible lesson and recite a weekly memory verse.  We enjoy watching our third graders mature and grow in all areas.

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