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American Christian Academy exists as a partnership with parents to instill Christian character and academic excellence for all students.


A.   Spiritual
  •        To educate students so that they successfully integrate Christian morals and values into their total lives
B.   Intellectual
  •       To provide an academic climate conducive to learning
  •       To encourage the learning of necessary skills required for meaningful participation in society as an adult.
  •       To encourage thoughtful, logical, and analytically sound decisions that have a foundation in Scripture.
C.   Social
  •       To provide children with opportunities for growth in the social skills required to participate as a Christian in today's society.            
  •       To enable students to understand and appreciate the role of government in society
D.  Cultural
  •       To promote appreciation for and creativity in the arts, realizing that artistic vision is inspired by God's truth
  •       To encourage students to understand and appreciate cultural patterns different from those of their own mission outlook and to know their   own culture thoroughly so that they are protected from the influence of relativism.
E.   Physical
  •       To provide opportunities for growth in physical motor skills
  •       To provide opportunity for learning physical skills necessary to participate in lifetime sports activities