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We Strive For Academic Excellence

American Christian Academy offers a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum that is perfect for eager minds and critical thinkers. Our goal is to offer a world-class education, but also to prepare students to educate themselves throughout their lives. Our students ask questions and never stop learning. They use every available resource so that they not only know about a subject, but they understand it. They ask questions not just of books and teachers, but of themselves as well.

American Christian employs challenging entrance exams and interviews to ensure academic excellence in our student body. Our faculty and staff are carefully chosen and are certified in every course they teach. Teachers at American Christian work together to enhance the educational experiences of our students. They share resources and methods that they have found helpful and explore new avenues to fully develop their curriculum. Our faculty and staff believe that they are called to serve God by teaching, and they are dedicated to the success of our students in all aspects of life.

Curricula for each course are approved by our headmaster, and they are designed to ensure continuity throughout a child’s education at American Christian. We offer advanced learning tracks for students who desire additional challenges in the classroom. Advanced Placement classes give students the opportunity to attain college credit while still in high school. Our enrichment initiatives expose students to a variety of subjects, environments, and cultures to produce well-rounded students with a higher level of intellect and thought.

Fine arts programs at American Christian add dimension to the education of our students. They explore the works of classical and modern artists and then are challenged to create their own works. Students listen to classical works of music and develop an appreciation for a variety of styles and genres. Our students attend plays on school trips and practice what they have learned when they perform their own drama in the spring.

Technology plays a key role in the education of students at American Christian. Our campus houses two computer labs in addition to a large computer bank for research in our library. Computers in every classroom make endless resources readily available to all students, faculty, and staff.


Reading is an integral part of the education of all students, and we give special emphasis to this aspect of a student’s learning. Reading raises test scores and exposes students to an immense amount of knowledge and understanding. It takes them to places and times and people they might have otherwise not encountered. We encourage our parents to read to their children at home, and our library is well-stocked with literary classics and modern writings by great authors. Reading instills in our students precision thinking, effective communication, and a passionate love of learning. Our goal is to develop a love of reading in our students so they continue to read even after assignments are complete.

Completion of a student’s career at American Christian is a stepping stone to the next stages of life. Over 95% of graduates attend college, and many receive scholarships. The Class of 2014 was offered $4,047,668 in academic and athletic scholarships offers. Regardless of a student’s college or career choice, we are confident that we have given them the assets they need for success.


This is where it all begins.


Each day is a new adventure.

High School

Core content, Electives, and Bible courses are all available to high school students.


American Christian Academy is pleased to offer both K-2 and K-3 pre-kindergarten programs. These programs allow two and three year olds to begin development prior to entering our K-4 and K-5 kindergarten classes.

The American Christian Academy Preschool shares the same vision as the rest of the school: ACA exists as a partnership with parents to instill Christian character and academic excellence. The development begins with our preschool program as our teachers and staff partner with you to help your child grow.

We provide the foundation for growth and development that will be built upon with elementary and high school education. Children who attend the ACA preschool program are cared for in a safe and loving environment and become members of the larger Patriot Family.


A.R. Readers Of The Month


1st Grade  – – –  Cole Savage

2nd Grade  – – –  Isabel Oldshue

3rd Grade  – – – Madison Ramsey

4th Grade  – – – McKenzie Davis

5th Grade  – – –  Samuel Blakeney

6th Grade  – – –  Gabby Spencer


1st Grade – – –  Preston Lee

2nd Grade – – –  Blakeney Rice

3rd Grade  – – –  Hayden Wilson

4th Grade  – – –  Conner Sute

5th Grade  – – –  MaryClaire Greene

6th Grade  – – –  Hunter Sute


1st Grade  – – –  Gabby Lang

2nd Grade  – – – Jenny Do

3rd Grade  – – – Lindy Atkins

4th Grade  – – – Kolby Preskitt

5th Grade  – – – Jackson Mitchell

6th Grade  – – –  Colby Minor


1st Grade  – – –  Lydia Smith

2nd Grade   – – –   Madi Croft

3rd Grade  – – –  Caleb Morrison

4th Grade  – – –  Sam Olson

5th Grade  – – –  India Birl

6th Grade  – – –  Karly Mims


1st Grade – – – Belle Cormier

2nd Grade  – – –  Aiden Southern

3rd Grade – – –  Dani Grace Blakley

4th Grade – – –  Olivia Randolph

5th Grade – – –  Brock Renicks

6th Grade  – – –  Tyler Skinner


1st Grade – – –  Andrew Crews

2nd Grade  – – –  Trent Taylor

3rd Grade  – – –  Justin Michael Allen

4th Grade  – – –  Benjamin Cormier

5th Grade  – – –  McKenna Walker

6th Grade  – – –  Brandon Nguyen


1st Grade  – – –  Hadley Bates

2nd Grade  – – –  Sadie McPherson

3rd Grade  – – –  Jackson Williams

4th Grade  – – –  Katie Laferrera

5th Grade  – – –  Matthew Taylor

6th Grade  – – –  Tristen Ash


1st Grade  – – –  Andrew Turner

2nd Grade  – – –  Elise Larson

3rd Grade  – – –  Michael Lemmon

4th Grade  – – –  Henry Fowler

5th Grade  – – –  Katie Jennings

6th Grade  – – –  Sydney Nix


1st Grade  – – –  Taylor Chastine

2nd Grade  – – –  Caitlyn Greene

3rd Grade  – – –  Kaelyn Darling

4th Grade  – – –  Eddie Yang

5th Grade  – – –  Lily Blair

6th Grade  – – –  Dylan Baxter


1st Grade  – – –  Saidy Kennedy

2nd Grade  – – –  Anderson Smith

3rd Grade  – – –  Wyatt Allen

4th Grade  – – –  Luke Jenkins

5th Grade  – – –  Nathan Lovvorn

6th Grade  – – –  Cole Kelley

Elementary Curriculum

4 Year Old Kindergarten

LeeAnn Greene:

Lori Lang:

Monica Taylor:


  • ACSI   –    I Know How To Count and Write

                        –    I Know Letters and Sounds

  • Thematic Units  –  All About Me, Colors, Zoo, Apples, Farming/Harvest, Transportation, Cowboys, Presidents, Oceans, Insects, Community Helpers, Dinosaurs, Dr. Seuss, Nursery Rhymes, Groundhog Day

Field Trips

September:  Birmingham Zoo

September/October:  Old Baker’s Farm in Harpersville

November/December:  Christmas Tree Farm

December:  Skyland Oaks Retirement Home

April:  Shark Tooth Creek in Aliceville

Daily Schedule Includes:

  • Bible Stories and Verses
  • Prayer, Pledges, Share Time
  • Story Time
  • Journaling
  • Curriculum
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Outside Playtime and Play Through Centers


By the end of K4 we desire for each child to:

  • Recognize colors and shapes
  • Recognize numbers 1 – 20
  • Count orally 1 – 20
  • Write first name  (First letter capitalized only)
  • Say the ABC’s
  • Recognize most capital and lower case letters
  • Know some consonant and vowel sounds
  • Display positive independent skills:  bathroom, dressing self, following simple directions and responsibility for belongings

5 Year Old Kindergarten

Rebecca Binford  –

Debbie Cavan  –

Kay Rush  –

Our Curriculum

ACSI  Bible

Saxon Math

ABeka Science, Reading, and Phonics

A Reason for Writing
Thematic Units

Extra-Curricular Activities



Field Trips

October:  Teddy Bear Clinic

February:  Bama Theater
April:  Birmingham Zoo

Our Daily Schedule Includes:
Group-times: Calendar, Weather, Bible stories and verses, Prayers, Pledges, Share times, Sight words, Blend books, Story times, Journaling, Curriculum, Extra-Curricular Activities, Playtime outside or at centers


By the end of kindergarten, we desire for each child to:
Recognize all letters
Have the ability to print all letters
Know all sounds and blends
Have an eagerness to read
Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s
Have a knowledge of basic coins
Follow directions
Use proper manners
Take pride in their work
Show independence
Become familiar with completing homework assignments

First Grade

Tracey Keaton –

Kara Sturdivant  –

Ashley Tunnell  –

Second Grade

Christine Chism  –

Amanda Einhorn –

Susie Ezelle –

Second grade will continue the tradition of families and students together in partnership.  Our curriculum enhances our goals for competive academic achievement for all our studies.

Third Grade

Megan Blair –

Sheila Hallman –

Tonya Smith –

Fourth Grade

Cindy Garner –

Carisa McPherson  –

Angel Schramm –

Fifth Grade

Sharon Brown  –

Heather Melton –

Andrea Shelton –

Sixth Grade

Rebecca Jenkins –

April Morgan –

Shirley Renfroe  –

Jackie Williams –

Parent Volunteer Program

We are excited to offer many volunteer opportunities in our elementary department and we welcome your participation. ACA is not only a wonderful place for your children, it is also a great place for parents. The time and effort you spend will increase your child’s learning opportunities and contribute to their sense of community. We would love to have you join our volunteer team. Not only will you be helping the students and staff, but also you’ll meet new friends and have fun!

We look forward to hearing from you as we strive to create a dedicated community of volunteers at ACA. Please contact Barbara Pippins at 553-5963 Ext 33 or, if you have questions.

High School

 High School Courses Offered 2017-2018

Academic and Technical Writing
ACT Prep
Aerobic Exercise – Zumba
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Algebra 3
American Republic
AP Art
AP Calculus
AP English 11
AP English 12
AP Government
AP US History
Bible 7
Bible 8
Bible 9
Bible 10
Bible 11
Bible 12

Computer Literacy
Creative Writing
Driver’s Education
Dual Credit English
Dual Credit History
Dual Credit Math
Earth Science
English 7
English 8
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
Fine Arts
French 1
French 2
French 3
General Math
Graphics Design/Yearbook
Home Economics
Honors Algebra 1
Honors Algebra 2

Honors Chemistry
Honors English 9
Honors English 10
Honors Geometry
Honors Physics
Life Skills
Marine Biology
Medical Careers 1
Medical Careers 2
Personal Finance
Physical Science
Pre-Algebra 7
Pre-Algebra 8
Pre-AP English 10
Service Outreach
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Study Skills
US History
Weight Lifting
World History 1
World History 2

Arts Education

~The Arts…from Our Hearts~

We believe that the arts have expressive qualities that are revealing of the soul, and whose products are to be appreciated primarily for their imaginative, aesthetic, and intellectual content.  These disciplines allow students to express themselves in ways that no other course can.  We truly believe that these are a divine gift of God!  When we train children to develop these gifts from God we are giving them an opportunity to expand the worship of their creator individually as well as lead others to the feet of Jesus for worship.

Courses in the arts give more of our children additional opportunities to obtain success both individually and corporately.  Study of the arts has proven time and again to increase spatial learning and raise test scores.  It has the capability to provide scholarship, leadership, travel, and competition opportunities to students who may not obtain these through other venues.  When developed correctly, the arts can be an excellent recruiting and public relations outlet for our school within our community.

We know that developing the arts program at American Christian Academy can only increase the school’s ability to partner with parents to instill Christian character and academic excellence in our children, which will shed more glory upon our Lord and Savior!


Travel changes people. It changes the way you view the world around you, and it changes the way you view yourself. We say “the world is our classroom” because we have made travel an integral part of the educational experience at American Christian. It fosters togetherness and teamwork and personifies the family atmosphere that we want at our school. While growing closer together, our students experience learning that has come alive. It allows them to see, hear, and touch what they have learned about.

Travel begins early with kindergartners watching zookeepers feed gorillas in Birmingham. Classes dress-up and make clay pots at the Moundville Archeological Park. Students sound the horn on a fire truck and play with the lights in a police car. Fourth grade students don’t simply learn about the state government, they spend the day in Montgomery seeing how it works. Fifth grade classes learn about lizards and frogs in the classroom and then hunt for spiders by flashlight while spending the night at Camp Cosby. Our sixth graders learn about the framers of the Constitution before visiting Washington D.C. While there they walk in the footsteps of Washington and Jefferson and learn in the shadows of the White House and the Capitol Building. An education at American Christian transcends what can be learned in a classroom alone.

While working at a sea lab, our high-school students see firsthand what pollution can do. Students have gazed at the Rio Grande and the Rocky Mountains and reflected on what it must have been like for the pioneers who first saw them. Groups have stood at the steps of the Acropolis in Athens and pondered the great thinkers of the world. They have wandered the halls of the Louvre and imagined Da Vinci and Van Gogh painting in a dimly lit room. They see a swaying field of wheat in Pompeii and think of what it was like when Vesuvius erupted and covered the land with ash. They have sat on ancient rocks in the ruins of Corinth and listened to the lessons of Paul from our campus pastor— just footsteps from the church those lessons were meant for. Our students have spent Easter on the island of Patmos, quietly reflecting in a cave where John first wrote the book of Revelation. Students leave these sights with more than knowledge. They leave with an understanding of things that they had never encountered before.

We take our students to places in Tuscaloosa and across the world because it ignites inside them a passion to learn. That passion is evident in the look of a child when he comes face to face with a dolphin, and it is evident in the look of a senior standing on the steps of Trocadero and gazing across the Seine at the Eiffel Tower rising up before them. Students understand that there is more to the world than just what they see everyday. They are immersed in cultures that they might have misunderstood before, and they learn to respect other viewpoints even if they disagree.
We place an emphasis on travel because we believe that the more a student encounters, the more complete their educational experience is. A well-traveled student is self-reliant but embraces friendship and teamwork. They are confident in their beliefs and convictions but embrace opportunities to learn about the beliefs held by others. They see the horizon at sunset, and they wonder what is on the other side. They have seen what others have done and they want to make their own lasting impressions.