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aca academics

American Christian Academy offers a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum that is perfect for eager minds and critical thinkers. Our goal is to offer a world-class education, but also to prepare students to educate themselves throughout their lives. Our students ask questions and never stop learning. They use every available resource so that they not only know about a subject, but they understand it. They ask questions not just of books and teachers, but of themselves as well.

American Christian employs challenging entrance exams and interviews to ensure academic excellence in our student body. Our faculty and staff are carefully chosen and are certified in every course they teach. Teachers at American Christian work together to enhance the educational experiences of our students. They share resources and methods that they have found helpful and explore new avenues to fully develop their curriculum. Our faculty and staff believe that they are called to serve God by teaching, and they are dedicated to the success of our students in all aspects of life.

Curricula for each course are approved by our headmaster, and they are designed to ensure continuity throughout a child’s education at American Christian. We offer advanced learning tracks for students who desire additional challenges in the classroom. Advanced Placement classes give students the opportunity to attain college credit while still in high school. Our enrichment initiatives expose students to a variety of subjects, environments, and cultures to produce well-rounded students with a higher level of intellect and thought.

Fine arts programs at American Christian add dimension to the education of our students. They explore the works of classical and modern artists and then are challenged to create their own works. Students listen to classical works of music and develop an appreciation for a variety of styles and genres. Our students attend plays on school trips and practice what they have learned when they perform their own drama in the spring.

Technology plays a key role in the education of students at American Christian. Our campus houses two computer labs in addition to a large computer bank for research in our library. Computers in every classroom make endless resources readily available to all students, faculty, and staff.

Reading is an integral part of the education of all students, and we give special emphasis to this aspect of a student’s learning. Reading raises test scores and exposes students to an immense amount of knowledge and understanding. It takes them to places and times and people they might have otherwise not encountered. We encourage our parents to read to their children at home, and our library is well-stocked with literary classics and modern writings by great authors. Reading instills in our students precision thinking, effective communication, and a passionate love of learning. Our goal is to develop a love of reading in our students so they continue to read even after assignments are complete.

Completion of a student’s career at American Christian is a stepping stone to the next stages of life. Over 95% of graduates attend college, and many receive scholarships. Members of the class of 2022-2023 were offered $1,480,000 in academic, athletic, and special achievement scholarships. Regardless of a students college or career choice, we are confident that we have given them the assets they need for success.