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Our kindergarten curriculum consists of ACSI  Bible, Saxon Math, Abeka Science, Reading, and Phonics, A Reason for Writing and Thematic Units. Extra curricular activities include art, computer, library, music, P.E. and spanish. Our kindergartens will get to go on a Teddy Bear Picnic and go to the Birmingham Zoo. Daily group times include Calendar, Weather, Bible stories and verses, Prayers, Pledges, Share times, Sight words, Blend books, Story times, Journaling, Curriculum, Extra-Curricular Activities, Playtime outside or at centers.

By the end of kindergarten, we desire for each child to recognize all letters, have the ability to print all letters, know all sounds and blends, have an eagerness to read, count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s, have a knowledge of basic coins, follow directions, use proper manners, take pride in their work, show independence and become familiar with completing homework assignments.

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