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~The Arts...from Our Hearts~


We believe that the arts have expressive qualities that are revealing of the soul, and whose products are to be appreciated primarily for their imaginative, aesthetic, and intellectual content.  These disciplines allow students to express themselves in ways that no other course can.  We truly believe that these are a divine gift of God!  When we train children to develop these gifts from God we are giving them an opportunity to expand the worship of their creator individually as well as lead others to the feet of Jesus for worship.

Courses in the arts give more of our children additional opportunities to obtain success both individually and corporately.  Study of the arts has proven time and again to increase spatial learning and raise test scores.  It has the capability to provide scholarship, leadership, travel, and competition opportunities to students who may not obtain these through other venues.  When developed correctly, the arts can be an excellent recruiting and public relations outlet for our school within our community.

We know that developing the arts program at American Christian Academy can only increase the school's ability to partner with parents to instill Christian character and academic excellence in our children, which will shed more glory upon our Lord and Savior!